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Our second collection, developed with all the stories you shared we've come to our improved Rolltop. 


Started with minimalism..

.. developed with all the stories you shared with us. Those stories became our biggest source of inspiration and we developed the backpack accordingly. Build to last, and if something is wrong it is build to repair and when the backpack is worn off eventually after years it is build to recycle. With the whole lifecycle of the backpack in mind we have developed a sustainable and durable backpack. 



The Backpack is made with a water repellant heavy duty canvas that is developed for the high quality market for yachts. The ample storage space allows you to pack all the essentials you could need for exploring. The bags are finished with a concealed front pocket for keeping urgent items close to hand.


Avec Studios is a Dutch design and manufacturing studio working with clients around the world. We help them with product strategy, product design and manufacturing of their collections.

About our collection

Our collection is developed together with friends, started with developing prototypes to bags that our friends tested and are still testing. Together with all your stories we developed The Rolltop backpack for perfect use in the city, especially for the rainy days.

Sustainability and durability

During the design of the backpack we questioned if we had to chose between sustainability or durability. However during our research we learned that it aren't opposites of each other, they can go hand in hand. So we developed the backpack to last, however also easy to recycle when it fully worn off. And the best of it is that the backpack can also be very well repaired because of it's technical design. 

We will keep developing our bags for durability and sustainability!


If you have any questions regarding our collection, whether it is about the product itself our about our process, feel free to contact us.

If you already have a bag out of our collection and want to share your story, please do we love to hear your stories.

If you want to visit us at our office, feel free to drop by or if you want to share your story with some paper post send it to:

Weerdsingel WZ 33a,
3513BC, Utrecht
The Netherlands