We renamed our studio because of you

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Our journey continues...

Every day since we launched our first collection (beginning of 2017) we continue our journey, right after our launch we already welcomed our first client (which we are designing and producing for). The journey continued from being part of innovation agency Moorgen to going fulltime on product development within Tijs Studio.

We are proud of were we are and with all the clients that we may have welcomed to our studio the past year. But to be honest, it didn't feel right, a studio named based on the founder's name and it felt wrong because we are in this together. Our collection developed together with our friends (and the group of friends is still growing) and with all our clients. We don't design for them, but if you ask us, we design with them, together

Our plans are to design more together, and together we can make the change in the fashion industry that is needed to make it more sustainable. One of the oldest industries is also one of the most polluting. Mostly because of the tons of water used in creating the fabrics and jeans, and also in destroying remains of old collections of the big brands that renew their collection almost every six weeks. We would like to do this different, design the products with you together and create garments and products that are build to last.

We would also would like you to know that we as a studio now are able to help you with a broader aspect of design. We would invite you to see our new services here, if you have any questions regarding one of these new services please let us know.

We have a lot of ideas for the future and we hope your story will contribute in these ideas to form plans, so that we can say that our journey still continues and will not come to an end. 

May we enjoy this adventure together!

Thijs Kremers



P.s. if you would like to discuss further how we can improve the fashion industry together, please let me know. Together we can make a bigger change!

Thijs Kremers