Starting a new brand?


When you setting up a new brand, a lot is coming at you and with the high standards that is expected by your potential clients it can be hard to start somewhere with a little confidence.


Probably you already have a lot of ideas, so that means you have started somewhere, however would like to help you to the next step, and to accomplish your goal: setting up your brand. However that's when it just beginning because you have to stay on top of your brand developments. Where to start:


01. Branding
We recommend to start with building your brand, not only the name and the logo, but think about what your brand stands for. This is the thing your customers will remember about your brand when they have been away for a while. This image should be complemented by your logo and name when your customers are visiting your website or your physical store. 

02. Unique collection
When you know what your brand stands and maybe you already have translated it into a visual identity, you can also translate that into your first product / collection. In our experience there are a lot of brands out there that basically doing the same thing, so to take care that your brands stands out is with a unique collection or a unique approach in the products you sell.

03. Coherent brand experience
Your customers will love to see more of you not only more of your collection, but also on the places they visit online, and they would like to be emerged in your brand experience when they order a product online. And with all the free tools available out there a lot is possible, but you can't do everything. In our experience it is wise to choice the tools of your preferences and see how you can help your customers the best to your abilities.


Our favourite tools:

- Mailchimp

Collect email addresses from people who are interested in your brand, don't forget to ask your friends to join your email list. Maybe you are able to give them a special reason to join the list. There are a lot of strategies to build your email list. In our experience is to be honest and to keep people up-to-date and engaged to your story is the most important.

- Instagram

Instagram is a platform visit by your potential clients (maybe not Instagram persé) they are looking for entertainment while being on social media, keep that in mind. Show your potential clients, fans, friends and family what you are up to. Educate yourself about visual storytelling and try to make a compelling story with the overall look and feel you share on Instagram (or which social medium you would like to use). 

- Squarespace

We like Squarespace to build our website and e-commerce platforms. They provide you with al tools that are needed for the first steps in your e-commerce, from small to big stores can be beneficial of using Squarespace. We love the look and feel they give to a online store, and they provide you with the tools to extend your brand experience throughout the payment and all emails send to your clients.


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Thijs Kremers